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    Posted on March 14, 2013 by in Cat, Guinea Pig, Pets, Rabbit, Seasons, Spring


    This is also the time of year when fleas, ticks and mites can start to become a real problem.  It isn’t difficult to control such infestations however, since there are plenty of applications and treatments that will work.  It is important to check small pets like rabbits and guinea pigs too. Your vet will advise you, but be aware that some products are species specific, for instance cat solutions can be harmful to a rabbit.

    It is also important not to stop the treatment ahead of the cycle recommended by the manufacturer.  This can include treating the pet’s bedding as well as soft furnishings and carpets.

    It is worth the effort. Fleas, ticks and mites can all cause an itch which when scratched by the pet can lead to skin damage.  Fleas on young pets can cause anaemia and are connected with the transmission of tape worms.  Animal fleas, ticks or mites can’t infest us, but they can cause itching or allergic reactions.

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